100% NZ

100 Percent New Zealand Ltd is a creative design team who are passionate about capturing the beauty of New Zealand through photography, art and design. view

Aaron Scythe

Aaron has studied in Auckland, Australia and Japan. He worked for 16 years in Japan in Mittagaong and Mashiko, after studying under Professor Koie Ryoiji. On Aaron's return to Aotearoa, his studio was in Te Aroha. He is now based in Whanganui creating ceramic art and Japanese ink paintings. view

Aaron Kereopa

Aaron is a self taught artist. His journey carving up-cycled surfboards began over 20 years ago. His work fuses ideas of traditional carving with a contemporary art practice, with his storytelling depicted through his personal life experiences. He is currently represented in the Netherlands. view

Adele Foster

Adele has had a love for clay from the time she was at school. She has taught pottery for 17 years in a local school and also completed a diploma in ceramics through Auckland Studio Potters. She loves to have good food on a handmade plate. view

Adele Eagleson

Adele loves to paint our landscape and its relationship with land, sea and sky. Where a painting ends up is not always intentional, but what is intentional is capturing or suggesting a memory of a place in our subconscious. Adele’s current collection explores abstract seas with land forms derived mostly from her imagination but inspired by the beauty of New Zealand. She enjoys playing with layers, building up, parring back, scraping and excavating parts to reveal colours underneath, then repainting. view

Alex Miln

Alex's body of work “No Vital Signs” is driven by the desire to celebrate, commentate on and condemn Americana as we transition from one era to another. How will our society, our idioculture, our tribe express its own and unique status when Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or Cadillac seem passé or even dirty. We need to reflect on the past to propel us forward. Alex has been a finalist in the Team McMillan Art Award and in the Wallace Art Awards. view

Alexandra Mainwaring

Alexandra is a part-time artist, working on the North Shore in Auckland. She has had works displayed in various galleries and currently has a piece in the National Youth Art Awards. view

Alexis Neal

Alexis holds a post graduate diploma from Auckland University and a Masters Degree in Fine Art Media from Slade School of Fine Art, London. Alexis has exhibited extensively in New Zealand and internationally. Her recent major show 'Something to Remember' exhibited at Gus Fisher Gallery and Suter Art Gallery. view

Alice Rose

Alice works in monocular vision, using the conventions of light, shadow and perspective. She applies the principles of three-dimensional drawing found on the two-dimensional plane, to a flattened cast form. With the participation of the viewer's perceptual expectations, she aims to create a brief belief in the illusion of roundness. view

Alison Gilmour

Alison lives in coastal New Zealand, instilling a deep love of the sea inspiring her to paint its many forms. She captures the endless beauty of her environment with delicate brushwork – creating images which have a photo-realistic quality and hues which reflect the clarity, light and richness of the South Pacific. These evocative paintings are striking, surprising and memorable in their representation. Alison is represented by Tim Wilson Gallery, Queenstown. view

Amber Jones

Amber is a photographer based in the Coromandel Peninsula. She frequently free-dives with her partner, shark scientist Riley Elliot, to document his research. Her uniquely underwater perspective gives rise to the sublime, watery landscapes that are at the core of her creative practice. With her lens often sprinkled with water droplets, her works have a soft, painterly quality. The private life of the ocean is revealed in surprising ways through her striking compositions. view

Amy Hoedemakers

Amy graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and has exhibited in New Zealand and Ireland, with her work held in private and public collections within New Zealand and overseas. She was a finalist for the Zonta Ashburton Female Art Award 2018. There is a strong sense of poignancy and beauty to her paintings; her work has many layers to it. view

Andrea Ventling

Andrea is an interior designer and special finishes painter, with broad experience in photography, gilding and manual techniques. Andrea enjoys the alchemy of artistry and creating mixed media artworks. view

Andrew Barber

Andrew is an established New Zealand artist who has exhibited internationally, with work held in private and public collections including the National Collection at Te Papa and the Chartwell Collection at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. Averill House, King’s College. 1994-96. view

Andrew Barns-Graham

Andrew has a BFA from Elam School of Fine Arts and has been a full-time artist for 17 years. He has been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards and in the Adams Portraiture Award. Andrew has also been a King's College Artist-in-Residence twice. School House, King's College. 1980-84. view

Andy Mardell

Andy is a wood turner and sculptor from Piha who produces unique and mainly abstract wooden shapes with magnificent grains and finish. He has utilised discarded swamp kauri tree stumps from Takanini and recycled wood. The principle motivation behind Andy’s work is to show off the unique qualities of New Zealand timber. view

Anita Gate

Anita is inspired by expressionism and fauvism, and her work has been collected by McDonald’s (Seoul), the New Zealand Ambassador to Korea and is in private collections in New Zealand and overseas. Paint layers and mark making are applied to produce a work with transparent and opaque layers which invite the viewer to glimpse subtle impressions while appreciating the whole using contemporary figurative forms and still life. Anita has had three solo shows and participated in many group shows. view

Anna Gedson

Anna is a designer, maker and weaver based in Opotiki. Her pieces can be found in design stores and galleries throughout Aotearoa. Inspired by her Maori heritage, she likes to create pieces of work that are a modern take on traditional Maori art. view

Anna Jacobi

Anna paints old wooden nautical oars using paint and decoupage. This has evolved from her love for sailing, nature and practical art. She enjoys the use of design, colour, interesting textures and space on old wooden oars incorporating a nautical and unique look. The oars can be hung both indoors and outdoors by the nautical rope attached. view

Anthony Morris

Anthony is one of the best know names in New Zealand pottery, as the co-founder and visionary behind Morris & James. It was only later in his career that he discovered the joys of creating pieces in cast glass. Anthony has submitted two pieces for this exhibition. view

Anton Forde

Connection to the land, majesty of nature, and a fascination with themes universal to ‘first nation’ cultures are the greatest influences on Anton’s work. Anton began carving when he was 18 and is studying for his Masters of Māori Visual Arts at Massey University. He exhibited in Sculpture on the Gulf 2019, and is working on a number of public commissions. He is the commissioned artist for the 14 metre waka installation at Whitewater Wero Park in Manukau. view

Anya Mowll

Anya is a full-time artist based in Wellington. She has a Diploma in Ceramic Arts and graduated with a Bachelor in Applied Arts from Whitireia Polytechnic. She enjoys exploring the texture of fired ceramics from very smooth to as sharp as a knife. She finds inspiration in nature, particularly in growth, weathering, evolution and organic structures. view

Aroha Gossage

Aroha graduated with a Masters of Art & Design (Honours) in 2015, Auckland University of Technology. Iwi (tribe) of Ngāti Wai, Ngāti Ati Awa and the hapu (sub-tribe) Ngāti Ruahine/Ruanui, Ngāti Manuhiri. Aroha was commissioned to paint a work for the Kelliher Art Trust and has work in the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Aroha is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Azita Agnew

Azita is a photographer and artist based in Auckland. In the tradition of early botanical illustrations, she sets out to photograph and document beautiful New Zealand flora and fuse it with her Persian heritage. Her work is inspired by personal experiences, plant life, cultural theories and the grand classical artworks. view


Emma set up the charity BAYA in 2014 while living in South East Asia. Compelled to act after watching the documentary 'The Cove' about the barbaric capture of dolphins in Japan every year, she designed the high quality, ethically made bracelets to create awareness and raise money for those helping to release dolphins back into the wild where they belong. view

Ben Foster

Ben draws upon the physical landscape of home with his static, stylised figurative works mirroring the dramatic forms of the mountains which are his backdrop. His artistic practice serves as a vehicle through which he explores human interaction with the land and the animals with which we share our lives and spaces. Employing immaculate construction techniques, Ben’s works have no material identity – aluminium and lacquer paint form a completely anonymous surface. This high level of finish comes from the strong engineering focus of Ben’s practice, resulting in sleek abstract sculpture. view

Bernadette Parsons

Bernadette is one of New Zealand’s foremost watercolourists, winning many awards, including New Zealand Watercolour Society’s Supreme Award at Splash 2014, and Best Watercolour in Show and Most Successful Artist at the Royal Easter Show Art Awards 2015. Her goal is to work in partnership with this exciting medium and not try to challenge its lively free spirit. view

Billy Apple

Billy is an artist whose work is associated with the New York and British schools of Pop Art in the 1960s and with the Conceptual Art movement in the 1970s. He collaborated with the likes of Andy Warhol and other pop artists. Billy exhibits regularly in dealer, public and artist-run galleries throughout New Zealand and in Australia, and his works have been included in major international and national touring exhibitions. view

Bob Steiner

Steiner Ceramics create unique handcrafted ceramics and pottery for the customer who appreciates quality homewares designed and made in New Zealand. view

Brad Novak (aka New Blood Pop)

Arguably New Zealand’s pre-eminent urban pop artist, Brad (aka New Blood Pop) wants us to “keep our inner child alive”. Brad is the first artist in New Zealand’s history to exhibit with global superstars such as Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein, Mr. Brainwash and BANKSY (Toronto, 2015). He currently shows internationally with galleries in the USA, Canada, UK and NZ. view

Bridget Bidwill

Bridget graduated from Ilam School of Fine Arts, Christchurch, in 1977. Using her personal alphabet of shapes merged with hints of reality, Bridget creates works of pictorial eloquence. Their reference to 'still life' is evident and her sublime use of colour creates perspective and light. Bridget's sophisticated compositions exude a poetic resonance. She is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Bridget Morison

Bridget is an emerging artist based in Hawkes Bay. Her subjects are animals, yet her main focus is the use of light and illusion. Bridget aspires to bring a soul to her paintings, elevating them beyond a feeling of traditional portraiture. view

Bruce Young

Born and raised in Invercargill by a potter and a weaver as parents, Bruce grew up with the workshop and art materials around the house. Bruce's careers, including working in museums and galleries, have contributed to his art. He works predominantly in metal and is inspired by plants and animals. view

Caroline Bellamy

Born in Nelson, Caroline sold her first painting in the Rutherford Gallery Nelson aged 14. Caroline completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting) at Ilam School of Fine Arts in Canterbury. Energetic, thick, bold brush marks depict naturalistic forms. Simplification and exaggeration of the landscape characteristics communicate emotion and give her work a sense of spontaneity. Caroline is highly influenced by the natural environment. view

Catherine Sanvictores

Art is in Catherine's blood. Her biological Dad was a well-respected artist in the Philippines. She is mostly self-taught but has trained through The Learning Connexion in Wellington. Catherine has been creating art since 2003, participating in joint exhibitions and art expo's and running art workshops mainly for children but also for adults.  view

Cathy Carter

Cathy (MVA Hons, AUT University) is a four-times finalist in the Wallace Art Awards, three-times finalist in Australia's Head On Portrait Prize, three-times finalist in the Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Award and a finalist in the Parkin Drawing Prize 2019. Cathy’s work has been exhibited across New Zealand and extensively overseas. It is held in public, private and corporate collections including the Wallace Arts Trust and the Parliamentary Collection. Cathy is represented in Auckland by nkb Gallery. view

Celia Walker

Celia is a printmaker from Devonport, with environmental concerns and connections to landscape forming the core of her practice. She has a PhD in Art History, and her artwork has been included in numerous selected exhibitions and international print projects. view

Charlotte Graham

Charlotte is a well-known Māori mana whenua mandated artist for her iwi. Charlotte's work explores critical issues that affect indigenous New Zealand society. She is an artist ambassador for The Kauri Project, has been a representative overseas for New Zealand in Hawaii and most recently Chile. Her work is in major collections nationally and internationally including the Chartwell Collection, the Wallace Arts Trust and Auckland Art Gallery. She lives in Tamaki. view

Chas Foxall

Chas has been an art teacher and Head of Faculty and Art at both secondary and tertiary levels, specialising in photography, painting and design. He recently retired as Head of Visual Art at King’s College. His passion lies with the outer islands of the Hauraki Gulf and beyond and the mountains of Aotearoa and their spiritual link to the tangata whenua. His work is in several collections in Aotearoa including the Wallace Arts Trust collection. Chas is a surfer and sailor and travels extensively collecting resources for his work. view

Chauncey Flay

Chauncey lives in New Plymouth and makes abstract geometric sculptures from a wide range of found materials such as rock, minerals, brick, coral, obsidian and concrete. His work explores the transformation of 'found’ materials with no value in both man-made and natural environments, creating a new aesthetic from their reconstructed forms. Chauncey is represented by Weasel Gallery, Hamilton. view

Cherise Thomson

New Zealand award-winning sculptor and jewellery designer Cherise creates strong, unique, organic forms inspired by her homeland’s raw natural beauty. She currently finds her inspiration living on a beautiful bush-clad cliff overlooking the wild west coast of Auckland. view

Cheryl Wright

Cheryl's main art practice is making nature inspired sculptures in hard materials with the intention of making the works look soft, unique and colourful. Her goal is to encourage the viewer to connect with nature, respect and protect it. She also owns Art Industry, a gallery in Clevedon Village. view

Chippy *

Chris Hutchinson aka Chippy is a freelance illustrator and artist from Auckland. A graphic design graduate from Auckland University of Technology, he's drawn on everything from coffee packaging, to event posters, replica Eames chairs through to gallery walls. He's exhibited across New Zealand and Australia, hosted workshops and has worked with a variety of corporate and small-scale brands. His work is often bursting with colour, patterns and his recognisable brand of curious creatures. view

Chris Jones

Chris originates from England where he worked at the highly respected Neil Wilkin Studios in Frome, Somerset for over 5 years. During this time he developed his skills as a glassmaker and worked on pieces for renowned European glass artists such as Peter Bremers and Floris Meydam. He currently lives and works near Lake Taupo. New Zealand had a promise of something good, something fresh, a new start in a place so like home but distantly different. view

Chris Heaphy

Chris has been a practicing artist since the early 1990s. He has exhibited extensively throughout Australasia and Europe and his work is included in numerous major public and private collections in New Zealand and further abroad. He is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Christian Nicolson

Christian has been a full-time artist for 14 years. He paints, makes large sculptures, uses photography, makes installations and makes films. Christian's works are held by the Wallace Arts Trust and he has been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards seven times and a finalist for the Fulbright-Wallace Arts Trust Award twice. view

Clovis Viscoe

New Zealand's unique biodiversity, and its indigenous flora and fauna are reference points for Clovis' visionary and emotive concepts that evoke sentiments of wonderment and curiosity. His artworks reinforce his belief in the sustainability and healing life forces prevalent in nature. All artworks use recycled native timbers. view

Component *

Concept and place are essential to Component's work. A cultural reference flipped on its head will fit seamlessly into its location. Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett stands guard on Ponsonby Road. A girl tests the water next to a barrel of oil on a harbour sea wall. They are striking images, painted with contrast, clarity and thought. Born and raised in Grey Lynn, Sparrow Phillips taught himself the art of stencilling. The street was his canvas, his means for critiquing society. view

Cristina Beth

Cristina obtained a masters degree with honours from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2009. Currently she divides her time between picture framing, art restoration and her painting practice in her West Auckland studio. Christina's love for the environment and her daily practice of yoga and meditation offer inspiration for her work - to quietly contemplate the natural daily beauty around us, while attending to our daily rituals. view

Cruz Jimenez

Fragile stones, plants, birds, white roses, wary washes, wide gestures, and glimmering points of light are activated and informed by Cruz's experienced hand. Cruz has a personal affinity with aspects of New Zealand’s culture which honour an earth-energy nexus through an iconography of pattern and abstraction. His reserved, gradient palette of mainly gold, black, white, and matte or silvery grey further expresses this contemplative manner of being in the world. Cruz has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Institute of Southern California and is represented by Sanderson Contemporary Art, Auckland. view

Damian Kerr

Damian's waterscapes now hang in notable private collections in the UK, Australia, China, USA and New Zealand. 2019 began with a successful show in Venice, Italy. Commissions include the centrepiece painting for Sir Russell Coutt’s Canon building. Damian's focus is climate change awareness. view

Dane Mitchell

Dane has had numerous notable solo exhibitions and been included in major group exhibitions worldwide. He has participated in residency programmes in New Zealand, Berlin and London. For over 20 years he has explored ideas related to invisible or unseen forces at play in our lives. This year Dane represented New Zealand at the 58th Venice Biennale. Averill House, King’s College. 1992-94. view

David McCracken

Sculptor David’s works are primarily constructed from fabricated steel, and have been included in many outdoor exhibitions in New Zealand and abroad. David is one to try new and interesting techniques, such as ‘drop-forging’, by dropping a large steel weight onto sheet aluminium from a crane, and ‘hydro-forming’, basically stretching steel forms using hydrostatic pressure. He is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

David Corson

As a full-time farmer, and with no formal artistic training, David paints in his spare time with a focus on equine and wildlife subjects. He has a particular interest in capturing the sport of polo. Selwyn House, King's College. 1976–80. view

Dawn Clayden

Auckland-based ceramicist Dawn specialises in one-off pieces and small production runs. Dawn's current body of work runs with themes of the romantic and whimsical, with vases adorned with cascading flowers with additions of gold and platinum lustre. Each porcelain piece is fired three times and will be in the kiln for a period of just over one week until it is finished. view

Debbie Templeton-Page

Debbie was born in Tasmania and has aboriginal ancestry. Her unique sculptures grace homes locally and internationally. Debbie has public sculptures in Oxford, Lake Tekapo, Ashburton, Temuka and Timaru. Lady Mateparae was gifted a sculpture of Debbie’s for Government House. Her sculptures are held in the collections of the Wallace Art Trust and Aigantighe Art Gallery. view

Deborah Fuller

Deborah has been a full-time artisan since 2000. By combining a love of photography and painting, she explores "where the camera becomes the paint brush". Capturing moments of light, shadow and texture, images merge into landscapes of turquoise blue and burnt umber. Dwellings, vacant chairs and objects narrate a story. There appears calm and stillness however an underlying tone of ambiguity is conveyed leaving the viewer to impart their own meaning. view

Derek Ventling

Derek attended art school in Switzerland. His experience in visual arts is broad, spanning commercial design and advertising, artistic research, as well as education. Derek is currently a staff member of the King’s College Visual Art department. view

Devyn Ormsby

Devyn (b.1993, Masterton) graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2015. She currently works with glass, primarily exploring casting techniques to create her first series of glass fruit. view

Din Simperingham Parker

Din takes inspiration from New Zealand's beautiful nature to create realistic landscapes. Her paintings grace collections in Japan, China, Australia, Portugal, Spain and New Zealand. view

Dion Hitchens

Dion’s contemporary sculptures can be found in major collections around the country including Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Waikato Museum and Auckland Art Gallery. He also has work in the public art collections of Auckland City Council and Hamilton City Council. Dion says, “I am interested in how the values from the past can inform our actions for the future. My work explores the connection between all things (Whakapapa)”. He is of Tuhoe, Ngati Porou, (New Zealand Maori), Chinese, English and Scottish descent. A global citizen with a tribal view. view

Doug Neil

Christchurch sculptor Doug has been refashioning the South Island landscape into tactile stone sculptures for thirty years. His works reflect features such as Canterbury's braided rivers and Punakaiki's pancake rocks. Doug's gallery pieces are in collections around the world. His "megalithic" installations are in several New Zealand locations. view

Emily Parr

Emily (Tāmaki Makaurau) holds a BFA Hons from Elam School of Fine Arts, and is a postgraduate student at AUT. She won the Estuary Art Awards 2016 and is the 2019 recipient of the Iris Fisher Scholarship. Emily makes video art centred around specific ecologies: the relationships between people, whenua and moana, and social and political frameworks. Taylor House, King’s College. 2009-10. view

Fatu Feu'u

Fatu is an internationally-recognised Samoan-New Zealand artist. He has been pivotal in shaping interest in contemporary Pacific art globally and nurturing a generation of Pacific artists. He is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Felicity Jones and Mark Smith

Mark has been making photographs since the late 1970s. Felicity has been a garden enthusiast since the late 1970s. Mark's work has appeared in many national and international publications and he has exhibited nationally, while Felicity has a tiny urban flower farm and heads up a neighbourhood choir. Their collaborative project Case Studies explores the history of global botanical travel. They hope to contribute to the stories of our past, positive and negative, and join the discussion around the protection of our natural heritage. view

Finn Wilson

Finn is a creative based in Mt Eden, Auckland. He is inspired to create works that communicate with his viewers in a positive way, usually splashed with colour and a whimsical twist. His work is firmly planted in the street genre with a heavy influence from the surf and skate cultures, mixed in with graffiti, cartoon illustrations and occasionally a touch of realism. view

Fiona Pardington

Dr Fiona Pardington was born in Auckland and holds a Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Auckland. In the late 1980s she was amongst a group of women artists who challenged photography's social documentary aesthetic, prevalent in the previous decade. She went on to focus on the still-life format, recording museum taonga and other historic objects such as hei tiki and the now extinct huia bird. Pardington, who last year was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, was in 2016 named Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Prime Minister. She is represented in Auckland by Starkwhite. view

Fiona Hendriks

Fiona is a full-time House Manager (Matron) in Selwyn, King's College and a part-time artist. She is self-taught and has been sketching and painting for the last 10 years. view

Fiona Tunnicliffe

“I have been a potter for nearly 30 years, mostly concentrating on animal forms. Hares and horses make up the majority of my work at the moment but my main focus is the surface of the clay, pattern and texture”. view

Fleur Wickes

After a successful career in photographic portraiture, and with published short stories and poetry under her belt, in 2011 Fleur began drawing the words she wrote: the shape of the drawn words acting as an emotional landscape, adding depth and meaning to the poetry. Her work is held in private art collections around New Zealand, as well as Australia, England, America and Canada. Fleur's goal has been for her work to make an emotional connection with people who see it. view

Frances Hanson

Frances has been working with glass for more than 13 years. She started with glass bead making (lamp working) and diversified into fused or kiln formed glass. Today she creates vibrant, organic art works as well as stunning glass and silver jewellery. view

Frank Checketts

Frank is an Auckland ceramic artist. He has been a merit winner in the Portage Ceramic Awards and a recipient of the Auckland Studio Potters Society art residency which is funded by the Wallace Arts Trust. His work is evolving - "less is more and I like the forms and textured finishes to shine through". view

G. S.

G.S. says, "I create abstract fluid paintings using acrylic paint and mediums. Instead of paint brushes, I rely on the movements and chemical reactions that occur when mixing different paints." view

Gabriella Lewenz

Gabriella immigrated to NZ from USA in 1997 and is based on Waiheke Island where she works and sells from her studio gallery. Her abstract oil paintings are in private collections in NZ and internationally, and she has exhibited in galleries in New York, Italy, and Auckland. Gabriella graduated with a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Boston and studied at Rhode Island School of Design and the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. view

Garden Bronze

Garden Bronze is a boutique business that specialises in outdoor sculptures and water features. Their bronze and cast stone pieces are selected for their timeless elegance and durability. They hold a small selection in stock and source features to order. view

Gaye Jurisich

Gaye works in various mediums exploring memory and circumstance of life. She enjoys the connections between mediums. Gaye teaches expressive drawing and painting. view

Georgina Hoby

Nelson-based artist Georgina paints expressive, gestural works. Her work celebrates colour, using a pared-back, warm and earthy palette. Georgina paints landscapes, abstract colour studies and still life works on linen, board and canvas. Her loosely figurative, lightly abstracted paintings are informed by her background in printed textile design, fashion and interiors. view

Ginny Fisher

Ginny is a working journalist for Viva and a freelance photographer based in Clevedon, where she enjoys photographing her horses or any other animal she can find, along with the epic surrounding landscape. Ginny studied photography in San Francisco and print making at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she was based with her family for over a decade. Her current series has a feminist bent and looks at the derogatory names attributed to women in an attempt to highlight these unfair labels, yet presented in an eye-popping, satirical way. view

Gitta Schrade

Gitta’s interest in fibre art and weaving led to copper weavings. From wall abstracts and weavings to outdoor sculptures, the main material used is copper. Her inspiration comes from nature and everyday surroundings. Copper allows creation of many shades and shapes and yet still keeps its earthy organic quality. Most of her works are for indoors and outdoors. view

Glen Colechin

Glen is a multi medium animal artist. He chooses mediums that best suit the animal's persona. He recently exhibited at the Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition where his work was sold on opening. Glen's work has been collected and exhibited internationally. view

Gordon Walters

Gordon (1919-1995) is best known for his paintings employing the koru, the curving bulb form from Maori moko and kowhaiwhai rafter patterns. He Mondrian-ised the koru, straightening and regimenting its scroll-like forms, taking it from organic to strictly geometric. Gordon is represented in the country's major public collections and his place in our art history is also memorialised in the bi-annual Walters Prize. His work appears courtesy of the Walters Estate and Starkwhite. view

Grant Sharman

In 1977 at the age of 15, Old Collegian Grant broke his neck playing rugby. Grant was introduced to mouth painting by the well-known painter Bruce Hopkins and in 1980 was awarded a stipend from the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Parnell House, King's College. 1975-79. view

Gregor Kregar

Reflecting his broad range of subject matters, Gregor’s oeuvre encompasses an extensive and unique array of media that ranges from stainless steel, glazed porcelain, lambda print photography, and found objects such as recycled timber and neon lighting. His work is held in significant public collections including Te Papa Tongarewa, the Chartwell Collection and the Wallace Arts Trust. He is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Grounded Art NZ

Brendon and Jane Harley from Nelson are passionate Kiwi gardeners with a creative eye and flair for all-things metal. Grounded Art NZ reflects their shared love of art and landscaping - and keeps this husband and wife duo busy creating unique metal art and sculpture for New Zealand homes and gardens. view

Gus Leen - Form 53

Gus is a third year Industrial Design student at Massey University of Wellington. During his semester holidays, Gus manufactures his furniture and lighting products from his own design workshop and studio, Form 53 in Timaru. His past experience working for both an electrician and a joiner has allowed him to incorporate unique features into his bespoke designs. view

Guy Harkness

Guy is a New Zealand artist, living and working in Mt Eden, Auckland. Working mostly in oil or acrylic on canvas or board, his paintings include local landscapes, portraits, still lifes and iconic Kiwi subjects. view

Hannah Nathan

A self-taught artist, Hannah started her career in marketing and advertising. Only recently she broke into the art world after discovering the joy of expressing herself through colour and depth. Inspired by natural forms and objects around her, Hannah uses thick textures and nontraditional techniques to deliver unique abstract artworks for both residential and commercial clients around New Zealand and afar. view

Harry Moores

New Plymouth artist Harry describes his work as a contemporary look at portraiture. His work taps into the equivocal nature of abstraction, fusing this with lucid representations and, often, unmistakable familiarity. view

Heather Wilson

Heather's art explores aspects of iconic New Zealand scenery and symbolism connected with her beloved geometric patterns from the 1970s. She describes her contemporary work as "an explosion of bold strong colour and texture, which is my distinctive trademark". Heather uses acrylic and mixed media on canvas and board with resin effects. view

Helen Frost

Sculpting and handcrafting original and unique pieces from her studio in Waihi, Bay of Plenty, Helen is living her dream. Helen spent her childhood in lush grass on the hills of Waikato’s beautiful Ngutunui where she was immersed in colours and textures. Awarded Lewis’ of Cambridge Emerging Artist Award 2005, Helen’s work adorns homes all over the world. view

Henry Christian-Slane

Auckland-born artist and illustrator Henry graduated from AUT in 2011, and has since had three solo exhibitions and countless group exhibitions. He has worked as an illustrator in London and NZ for clients including Samsung, Netflix, google and Kate Sylvester. In 2015 Henry was the youngest winner of the Adam Portraiture Award and in 2017 he won the Young Artist Award at the BP Portrait Awards at London's National Portrait Gallery. He has completed many high profile portrait commissions and last year he had a solo exhibition of 40 portraits painted from life. view

Ilan Wittenberg

Ilan's 'Faces of Jerusalem' was exhibited at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery in 2015. The 'Bare Truth' portfolio was exhibited in Sydney and in the 2016 Auckland Festival of Photography. Ilan won the Grand Prize at the 2018 Sony Alpha Awards. Ilan is 2015, 2016 and 2018 NZIPP Auckland photographer of the year. view

Integrale & Co Ltd

“I love design, shape, texture and colour. Using plywood or steel allows huge scope to explore my ideas and designs - the colours, textures and formation of rust fascinate me. Winning People's Choice Award at the 2018 NZ Art Show has given me great confidence. I love what I do.” view

Irina Savastyuk

Irina is a self-taught artist exploring classical techniques to create modern images. Primarily focussing on genre painting inspired by the works of Willem Claesz Heda of the Dutch Golden Age, her works utilise grisailles with numerous overlying glazes to achieve translucency and harmony of colour. view

Isaac Katzoff

Isaac studied painting and glassblowing and became a glassblowing tutor in USA before moving to New Zealand in 2007 where he now owns and operates Monmouth Glass Studio with fellow glass artist Stephen Bradbourne. “My work is extremely varied. While I enjoy making vessels and functional objects my focus lately has been on hand sculpting everyday objects, objects that are not paid much attention because they are common, cheap and often disposable”. view

Isabelle Kember

Originally from Auckland, Isabelle is currently working and living in Melbourne. Her love for photography and printmaking was sparked during a residency for the Globe Gallery at Grabowsee in Berlin in 2017, where she developed her practice in pinhole photography and cyanotype printmaking. This led to a year studying Visual Arts at AUT in 2018. view

Jack Marsden Mayer

Jack Marsden Mayer comes from Manchester, England and attended Gordonstoun International School where he studied sculpture. He now lives in Whanganui where he works on public and private driftwood commissions. Jack's public works can be found in towns and villages throughout New Zealand. view

Jane Gray

Jane is a respected New Zealand artist well known for large scale mainly figurative, colourful impressionistic paintings. She has exhibited at home and internationally with resounding success for 30 years. Jane's goal is to achieve true abstraction, and recently she studied a technique using oil paint with cold wax and metallic pigment at an American school. This new medium is put into play on the surface of her new canvas - ceramic forms. view

Jane Downes

Jane works from her home workshop in Little River on Banks Peninsula. Her work consists of small to medium sized indoor and outdoor sculptures made in steel. She exhibits at galleries and major sculpture events throughout New Zealand. view

Jemma Ennis

From Auckland, Jemma began painting full time in 2009 after taking art classes with New Zealand artists Matthew Browne and Kathryn Stevens. The inspiration for Jemma's current work has come from Wassily Kandinsky's book “Point and Line to Plane”. Since 2012 she has exhibited regularly and her work has been purchased by the Wallace Arts Trust. view

Jenny McLeod

Jenny gained a diploma in craft and design with distinction at Carrington Polytechnic in Auckland. Fusing glass Jenny slumps, cuts and layers it, in her now renowned original designs. Building on her glass work using mixed media materials, she has taken her art outdoors, creating larger garden sculptures and installations. Jenny says “New Zealand is not only a country of natural beauty, but it is a country of cultural diversity. These are constant reference points in my work which is created with a Pacific inspiration, for a modern setting.” view

Jessica Pearless

Jessica is an Auckland painter and site-responsive installation artist working with abstraction. She graduated Master of Fine Arts (Hons) from Elam School of Fine Arts. Her award winning work is exhibited extensively in public, private and commercial art spaces throughout New Zealand and internationally. Jessica is the Director of Paragon Matter Art Services, an art services agency specialising in art valuations, art consultancy and art education. view

Jiajia Cui

Jiajia Cui is a visual arts addict. She graduated from the Fine Art Department, East China Normal University, Shanghai. She has lived in New Zealand for 16 years, working on oil painting and clay and ceramic sculpture. view

Jim Wheeler

Jim is reputed as one of New Zealand's foremost bronze sculptors and has had a number of significant commissions, including NZ Olympic Academy Leonard A. Cuff Medal, The Arts Foundation of NZ Governors’ Medal and the America’s Cup Medal. His sculptures are grounded in nature and exemplify both his skill as a sculptor and his passion for environmental issues. His work is held in New Zealand and internationally including The British Museum, London; The Weatherspoon Art Museum, USA; Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Wallace Arts Trust. He is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Jo Blogg

200 Dahlias I remember being given daphne when I had my tonsils out. I remember my sister's green orchid corsage. I remember being stopped for picking daffodils from public gardens. I remember the perfect symmetrical patterns that made the orange dahlias of my childhood. view

Jo Richards (Pervan)

Jo is an established New Zealand artist who has been sculpting and painting for over ten years. A fascination with people, nature, contrast, shadow and form is evident in the smooth simple style she is known for. Her future projects include working with wax, with the aim to create more sculpture in cast glass, as well as collaborating with other artists. view

Jody Hope Gibbons

Born in 1966, Jody paints full-time in her Matakana studio. Her works are in private collections here and throughout the world and she exhibits in galleries around New Zealand. Her work pushes the boundaries of traditional painting practice and techniques - from her bright abstract works to her painterly, ethereal landscape series. A separate body of her current work also explores her interest in recycling found materials and discovering the beauty in these objects and presenting them in a new light. view

John Reynolds

Over the past three decades, Auckland-based John has established a reputation as a painter who employs aspects of drawing and different types of representation for poetic effect. Not content to be pigeonholed as a painter, he also incorporates sculpture, installation and site-specific outdoor works into his practice. An Arts Foundation Laureate, he is a two-time Walters Prize nominee, and Sydney Biennale headliner. John is represented in Auckland by Starkwhite. view

John Phillips

John has been a full-time artist for several years, making pottery and sculpture from fiberclay. More recently he has been using his techniques on canvas to create wall pieces. view

John Hanson

John started his involvement in glass with a series of glass-casting courses. He now concentrates on glass fusing, making plates and bowls which are both functional and attractive. He also creates wall art and sculptural pieces. view

Jonathan Organ + Jessica Pearless

Jonathan Organ + Jessica Pearless are Auckland-based artists working collaboratively in sculpture and painting. They are both Master of Fine Arts (Hons) graduates from Elam School of Fine Arts. Their combined interest in abstraction, modernism and architecture informs their artistic practice. Exhibition highlights include Sculpture by the Sea Bondi, Australia; NZ Sculpture Onshore; Sculpture on the Gulf; Sculpture in the Gardens, Auckland. Jonathan and Jessica also run Paragon Matter Art Services, a boutique art agency that specialises in valuation, installation, art education and art consultation. view

Josh Olley

Joshua was born in New Plymouth in 1972, moved to Wanaka in 1995 and taught himself to carve, gradually working up to large scale stone sculpture. He creates works expressing his ethical and environmental values. His passion for larger stone sculpture developed naturally as his ability in carving evolved. Josh was an Arts Gold Award finalist in 2015 and 2017, and exhibited in Sculpture on the Shore in Devonport in 2014 and 2018 and Sculpture on the Peninsula in 2015 and 2017. His work is held in collections here and overseas, including Te Papa and the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Josh is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Judy Rogers Art Creations

Originally from Melbourne, Judy's move to Devonport unleashed her creative inner child, and her love of fantasy and enchantment. Judy has a passion and attention to detail that invariably initiates a smile to those who study her art. Her work is predominantly Steampunk with a poetically romantic, quirky twist. Often with a practical, but non-conformist vision in mind, she is inspired by the English writer H.G. Wells and the French novelist, poet and playwright Jules Verne. Judy has work in the Wallace Arts Trust collection. view

Julie Phillips Wood

Julie's (BVA) works refer to her interest in the natural elements of earth, sky and water. The surface of her ovoid panels reference patterns found in nature and the method of creation mimics the way a pearl lays down nacre to create its lustre, resulting in subtle quiet artworks. view

Julie Cromwell

Julie has been working with clay for many years, graduating in studio ceramics in 1992 from Derbyshire University, then receiving a Bachelor in Education from the University of Leeds and in 2019 she completed her MFA at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. Julie teaches, lives and works in Northland, and continues to develop her ceramics practice. view

Justin Wishart

Justin has a diploma in design from AUT and has been a practising artist in design and illustration for over 30 years. Experience in the commercial creative sector led to experimenting with fine art, mostly painting, but also making sculpture and screen prints. His work has been exhibited in a solo show (Parnell Gallery, 2005) and group shows and sold internationally. In 2002 he was artist in residence at King’s College. Two of his abstract works were purchased for the Wallace Arts Trust's Collection in 2019. Averill House, King's College. 1982-86. view

Kara Burrowes

Christchurch-based artist Kara's work identifies the complexity of the urban landscape and makes sense of it through her unique interpretation of selected elements. Through salvaging items that could be considered waste and mundane, Kara repurposes objects into alluring and precious pieces. Pattern and repetition feature through collections and groupings to create vestiges of time. view

Karen Sewell

Karen, an award winning artist, was born in Auckland in 1969 and lives and works in East Auckland. She works in multiple media including installation, sculpture, painting and photography. She completed an MFA with honours at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2016. view

Karin Barr

German-born Karin is a practising glass artist who creates outdoor installations in glass in response to different sites and environmental concerns. Karin’s works are held by the Wallace Arts Trust and private collections nationally and internationally. view

Karl Maughan

Ever faithful to his garden subject, Karl is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable artists. With a career now spanning more than three decades, Karl’s practice continues to captivate his audiences with his contemporary interpretations of an age-old subject. Karl is represented in Auckland by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Karley Feaver

Karley challenges the common aversion towards taxidermy in the home by introducing abstract forms that blur the lines between traditional taxidermy and modern sculpture. The works intend to break morbid perceptions of taxidermy and replace them with more life-affirming connections. Her works are simultaneously poetic and vexing, they express the ambivalence of life and take you on a profound journey of self-discovery by tapping in to your emotions. Karley's works are held in public and private collections in New Zealand and internationally, including the Wallace Arts Trust and Westpac New Zealand. view

Kate Mitchell

Kate is an Auckland based multidisciplinary glass artist, working with both blown and cast glass. Kate graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts and has since continued her glass studies in Italy, America, Prague and China. view

Katherine Claypole

Katherine says, "I like to stitch my drawings with a needle and thread. I think it is the repetitive act of threading the needle, knotting the thread, piecing the paper, back and forth, in and out, and in and out, and over and over and over again". view

Katherine Throne

Katherine's paintings draw us deep into the garden, where roses run riot and zinnias and sweet peas jostle for space. Working with confident painterly gestures, Katherine works up the surface until thick layers of jewel-toned oil paint beg to be touched. Wild and audacious, Katherine's gardens are a celebration of unruly beauty. Katherine has a Master of Fine Arts and was a finalist in the 2019 NZ Painting and Printmaking Award. view

Kathryn Carter

Kathryn is a painter and architect, and was taught drawing at Elam School of Fine Arts by Pat Hanly. She paints the landscapes, seascapes and islands of Northland and Auckland. She has been a finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards between 2013 - 2018, a finalist in the Waikato Painters and Printmakers Awards and she won the Marlborough Art Society Prize 2015. She was commissioned in 2019 to paint landscapes for the Avis 'Art of Discovery' advertising campaign and is heading to Sydney in October for that. view

Katie Brown Glass

Katie says, “The nature of working with molten glass has enabled me to capture fluid moments of patterns and lines within my desired forms. The challenge I find is to learn a technique and change it into my own creation. There's something medieval about this process. It’s dangerous, rewarding, addictive and extremely difficult. I totally love how it keeps me real. Some days I'm on fire and others I wonder if I will ever be satisfied. “ view

Katie Thomas

Katie is a landscape-based abstract artist working in Christchurch. Her work is primarily concerned with capturing a sense of place through the use of colour, mark-making and an emphasis on process. Katie has exhibited nationally since 2001. view

Kayra Yildiz

Acrylic portrait artist Kayra creates thought-provoking pieces focusing on representing figures through her own eyes. view

Kazu Nakagawa

Renowned for the serenity of his work, Tokyo-born artist Kazu has lived on Waiheke since the 80s. His carving of the Waiheke Library façade was a major commission from Auckland Council. Working in many materials, of organic nature and often referencing architectural objects, he explores notions of identity, landscape and the act of living. view

Keith Grinter

Keith runs the Grinter Glass studio in Whangarei. His artworks include painted and blown glass as well as painting and sculpture. His fascination with modernist painting has provided the inspiration for his glasswork. He uses the glass shard pick-up technique and mixtures of coloured frits to create the unique patterns in his glasswork. His artworks are often based on blind contour drawings made while walking. This is a technique that he developed whilst studying for his Master's degree as a means to investigate the everyday. view

Kirsty Black

Kirsty is a full-time abstract artist working from her studio in Maraetai, Auckland. For Kirsty storytelling is a family tradition - it brings people together and creates a sense of belonging. She sees painting as an extension of this tradition, a medium where imagination has free rein, both in the creation and interpretation of the work. view

Kristin Hyde

Kristin is a mixed media artist and works in various materials including acrylics, inks and resin on board and canvas. She also enjoys felting and silversmithing. She describes herself as an intuitive painter, and her genre can be anything from whimsical to abstract. Kristin has a passion for colour and finds it humbling to watch people connect with her work. view

Kristina Berends

Kristina (Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts, Unitec) has a fine art practice which explores the expressive and connotative power of several combined forces: surrealism, photo realism and religious symbolism. Kristina’s meticulous and highly detailed images are painstakingly rendered to achieve optimal accuracy and precision. She states, “My goal in painting is to portray the normal as abnormal, the usual as unusual and the plain as plainly insane”. view

Kylie Parish

Kylie was drawn to abstract art while completing her graphic design degree. Her expressive, gestural paintings often evolve through ‘happy accidents’ which set the direction of the piece. Her fluid approach involves overpainting layers of colour to add texture and depth, then paring back and adding detail. Seeking beauty in imperfection is a strong theme throughout her work. view

Leanne Mulder

Leanne is based on the North Shore of Auckland. Her painted, fluid art style is inspired by the ever evolving landscapes and seascapes of Aotearoa. Taking cues from the place ‘where things intersect - land to ocean, ocean to sky, sky to mountain, mountain to forest', she draws her colours and shapes from these vivid vistas. view

Levi Hawken

Levi (b. 1975, Auckland) began his artistic career during the mid-'90s as a graffiti artist and skateboarder. Although much of his graffiti work is no longer visible, the influences in his more formal works remain. In the past 3 years his work has taken a turn, from painting on walls and spaces in our cities, to a more private and formal review of his own style, largely in concrete. Years of landscaping outdoor spaces has opened doors into brutal forms, outdoor sculpture and functional planters. Stay tuned, it's just starting to get interesting. view

Lisa Grennell

With her own personal journey raising children as inspiration, Lisa draws from nostalgic moments in an attempt to alleviate the solace of "the empty nest”. She uses imagery of children with flowers, animals and insects questioning young people’s view of the world, seeing a disconnection from nature with modern technology. view

Lizzie Beere

Lizzie is best known for her large, textural, abstract botanical paintings and photography. Her still life work delivers an almost raw and unfinished quality. Having studied fine art in both New Zealand and the UK, she now practises from a studio in rural Hastings, Hawkes Bay. She has exhibited in the U.K and more recently New Zealand and was a finalist in the 2019 Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards. view

Llew Summers

Llew died in August this year after a career of over fifty years. A great loss for the Arts, Llew is known for his distinctive sculptures of the human form. His monumental sculptures in bronze, concrete, marble and stone are highly visible in public spaces throughout New Zealand. His figures have a remarkable sense of lightness, movement and harmony, despite their size. “What’s important to me is to get a balance between the physical and the spiritual in life. We’re given a soul and we’re given a body. Sculpture provides a nice balance, because works can be made which are meaningful, but they require your physical body to produce them. Rather than just being clever or smart, the work must have soul.” Llew is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Lou Mathieson

Lou has been working with glass for twenty years after gaining a BA in design (glass major) followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. She lives and works on Auckland's North Shore, surrounded and inspired by the beautiful coastline. Lou teaches glass casting to children and adults at Mairangi Arts Centre and Uxbridge in Howick. Her forms relate to nature and are often disc or pod shaped. She carves natural forms into wax which captures and transmits light in the finished works. view

Lucy Eglington

Lucy originates from the UK but trained in New Zealand. She has works in private collections in New Zealand and internationally. Working mainly in oils, Lucy enjoys portrait work and is happy to work on commission. view

Lucy Gauntlett

Formerly an architect, Lucy is an interdisciplinary artist pursuing photography, design and art. With both professions the fundamentals lie with composition, colour and detail. She uses photography and mixed media to ‘illustrate’ her visions, often utilising new-age digital technology intermixed with traditional methods to create works of art that are detailed, uplifting and inspiring. Lucy has been an artist-in-residence at Studio One Toi Tu, Ponsonby and is a professional photographer and Fellow Member of the NZIPP. view

Luke Hollis

Luke is a self-taught professional artist, who has been paining since 2004. Luke has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and has been the recipient of multiple awards. The success of his original works has resulted in demand for Luke's commissioned portraiture, often bringing his clients to tears with his ability to capture precious moments whilst creating an heirloom for future generations to treasure. view

Mandy Gargiulo

Mandy is a Nelson artist working exclusively in porcelain. She draws inspiration from the shapes and textures of nature. Flowers, leaves and the sea are strong influences. Pieces are either crisp and unglazed or juxtaposed with a soft, smooth, glazed interior. view

Mandy Rodger

Mandy’s paintings explore the concept of totality and build on the premise that nothing stands alone. The gestural marks create a sense of impermanence, transition and change. The paintings are an improvisation, a response and an interpretation of what comes before and the intrinsic relationships of each form, gesture and colour with another. Mandy is a double finalist in the 2019 National Contemporary Art Award. view

Margaret Lovell

Margaret is an award-winning sculptor and a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She trained at the Slade School of Art in London and the Academy of Fine Art in Florence. Margaret’s work engages powerfully with the space and environment it inhabits. Her frequent use of "tall, swaying, wafer-thin surfaces takes the flat plane out of a rigid geometric straitjacket and suggests “organic” links to botanical phenomena". Margaret's works are held in a number of public and private collections internationally. In 2016 Lovell relocated to New Zealand where she is represented by Jonathan Grant Gallery. view

Margot Goodwin

Margot has been painting for the last 12 years using acrylic paint. She enjoys painting portraits of those she knows, local scenes and still life. She is based in Auckland. view

Marian Fountain

Marian was introduced to the bronze casting technique while studying at Elam School of Fine Arts (1979 – 1983). She now lives and works in Paris. Marian uses the female form, plant life and the animal kingdom, often in states of metamorphosis, to explore themes of fertility, womanhood, conflict, change and growth. She has exhibited at the British Museum, The National Gallery of Scotland, the Museo Archeologico of Milan, York Museum, Auckland War Memorial Museum and the French Mint. She exhibits regularly in Europe, and has kept a continuous presence in the New Zealand art world. She is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Mark Dimock

Born in Wellington in 1958, Mark is a full-time painter and sculptor. He has been exhibiting since 1975 and has had over 25 solo shows in that time. Experimentation with images and materials is important to his work. Mark lives and works in Eketahuna, Wairarapa where he has a gallery. view

Mark Mitchell

Mark works as a full-time artist out of Retreat Gallery and a studio in Haruru, Bay of Islands. His ceramic practice consists of sculptural vessels, outdoor geometric works and kitchenware. He has held residencies at Fule International Ceramic Art Museums China 2007, Ernabella Aboriginal community 2009 and Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Japan 2010. Mark was awarded Mention of Excellence in 2003 and Merit Award in 2006 at the Portage Ceramic Awards and the Premier Award at OBJECTive Art Awards 2008. view

Martin Basher

New York-based Martin graduated from Columbia University, has exhibited internationally and has been the recipient of several international residencies, including the McCahon Residency in Auckland. Martin’s multi-media practice combines both high and low-end consumer products, fabricated structures, and immaculate geometric abstract paintings. Blending together ideas of retail display, advertising and Modernism, Martin’s work questions the environmental and social implications of consumption in our times. He is represented in Auckland by Starkwhite. view

Martin Horspool

Martin, a Welshman, attended art colleges in Wrexham and Liverpool, where his passion for 1950s industrial design originated. He is able to visualise personalities hidden in disused vintage objects. The development of these characters involves some grinding, drilling and riveting, until a creation is formed. Most sculptures contain original pieces from the 50s and 60s and he finds it important for people to recognise the individual parts that make up each one. He has exhibited in New York, Seoul, Chengdu and around New Zealand. view

Mat Scott

Originally from Hawkes Bay, Auckland artist Mat creates niche artworks using recycled native New Zealand timbers. "Feathers are my thing at the moment. To me they represent the traveller, the natural world and the spirit world. I love my family, I love to surf and I love to create". view

Matt Griffin

Matthew, 23, graduated with a degree in structural engineering in 2017 and now pursues a full-time career as an artist. He specialises in charcoal on archival paper, with his ideas centred around people and animals, and delivering to the viewer through expression, composition and lighting. view

Matthew Carter

Winner of the Glaister Ennor Award in 2009 and a finalist in many major art awards in New Zealand, Matthew studied in the UK at Exeter School of Art and Cardiff School of Art & Design and in 2009 graduated with a Master of Art and Design at AUT. Matthew’s paintings often explore urban and industrial spaces. He is represented by NKB gallery in Mount Eden, regularly exhibits at Northart, Northcote and he teaches at the Browne School of Art. view

Maui Outdoor Art

Internationally award-winning landscape garden designer, Adam designs features which have been inspired from designing gardens. view

Max Gimblett

Max is one of New Zealand’s most recognised painters. His philosophies and practices encompass influences as varied as Abstract Expressionism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, and ancient cultures. His shaped canvasses convey various associations and meanings connected to the oval, rectangle, tondo, keystone and the quatrefoil. He has been based in New York since the early 1970s and continues to exhibit regularly in the US and throughout New Zealand. He is represented in Auckland by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Megan Brown

Megan is a technology technician at King's College. She is a mostly self-taught glass artist who enjoys sharing the knowledge and the joy that the movement of glass brings. view

Mere Clifford

Mere (MMVA) lives in Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau. His work involves underlying themes relating to a sense of place within the local community. His art varies from figurative to abstract expressionism. Mere produces work that interrelates visually and contextually. Mere works in a variety of mediums including oils, watercolours, acrylic and mixed media. view

Michael Hight

Michael is a self-taught painter who has been exhibiting regularly since the late 1980s. He is most commonly associated with his realistic depictions of beehives in the New Zealand landscape, particularly in Central Otago and Canterbury. Michael is represented in Auckland by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Michael Price

Michael’s unique body of work explores the interaction between man-made materials and the natural environment. Working primarily with a combination of metal and wood, Michael draws on his background in engineering and building design to create dynamic works which move and change, reflecting the rawness and unpredictability of nature whilst showcasing the precision and angular beauty of engineering. view

Michel Tuffery

Michel is based in New Zealand and works globally. In his art practice he plays the role of connector, working “in between” people and places by placing a fresh lens on environmental, community, cultural and art historical divides. He exhibits worldwide and has undertaken numerous research and residencies throughout the USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Asia, India, Australia, as well as Aotearoa and the Pacific. In 2008 Michel was appointed as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to art. view

Michelle Viskovich

Michelle has been painting for 20 years and is inspired by the natural environment around her. She paints seascapes by combining abstract techniques with realism to capture the vibrancy and luminosity of reflections. Her work involves subtle mark making with palette knives to manipulate acrylic paint on board and paper. She currently practises in Auckland with mentorship from John Nicol. Her works are held in collections in New Zealand and overseas. view

Moira Crossman

Moira graduated from Dunedin School of Arts in 1987. She is inspired by natural forms. She says, "While in the process of making, life starts to make sense, as it all comes down to you and the form". Moira strives for perfection, using simplicity of form, defined by the materials she is using. view

Murray J Peterson

Murray uses techniques of contemporary art photography to bridge real and imagined worlds. His real world photographs contain symbols and keys that access landscapes of memory, dream and imagination. His surreal, constructed and reconstructed images work in parallel and reverse, linking pure imagination to reality. His work invites us to explore what he describes as our introvert and extrovert worlds. view

Neal Palmer

Born in London in 1968, Neal’s work focuses on iconic subjects using scale, colour and form to create dramatic and emotive paintings. He has been a full-time artist since 1999 and has participated in Artists in Eden, Los Angeles International Biennial Art Invitational, ’35 K’ at Artspace, and as a finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards (merit winner), Margaret Stoddard, and the Wallace Art Awards. view

Neala Glass

Auckland-based artist Neala produces figurative drawings in charcoal and pastel that explore ideas of human psychology. Using compelling figure poses, she evokes narrative, mood, emotion and tension. These drawings are simultaneously realistic and metaphoric; both believable subjects in themselves and vehicles for symbolism and broader narratives. view

Neil Donaldson

Neil is a retired engineer. As a young man, he spent all his spare time making things out of steel. He has spent the rest of his life working with steel and in his spare time now enjoys the challenge of making art that stands out and is different. view

Nejat Kavvas

Nejat has been practising as a professional artist for over a decade from his studio in the Wairau Valley, Auckland. Nejat says, “Artists are storytellers of their time and of their society. Their language is their lifelong experience and the materials that they use. I use different mediums like bronze, glass, stone and plastics to tell my story. It is a limitless joy to create artworks with personality that transmit sensations with elements of fiction or fantasy. My art is me". His work has been exhibited in New Zealand, Europe and the USA, most notably at the prestigious SOFA Fair in Chicago and Art Miami. view

Nick Von K

Since launching at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2010, Nick Von K has stamped his mark on the world of jewellery. Worn by a stellar line up of icons both local and international - Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Richards, Tiki Taane, Jay Jay Feeney and Anika Moa. His work is meticulously crafted, a sublime balance of beauty and alchemy, fusing a rock n' roll heart with an elegant soul. view

Nick Duval-Smith

Nick was born in Dunedin in 1969. He studied at the Otago Polytechnic School of Fine Arts from 1988 to 1990, and again in 2007 and 2008. He majored in sculpture and jewellery, and particularly enjoys making things people can play with. view

Nicky Foreman

Nicky has been working as an artist since 1991 when she graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts. To date she has had more than 35 solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions both in New Zealand and overseas. Her work is held in private collections in New Zealand and overseas. view

Nicolle Aston

Nicolle's work reflects how she sees life – vibrant and delightful, yet delicate and layered. Nicolle portrays her subject with cheerful simplicity. She doesn’t attempt realism, preferring to play with light and contrast. She avoids the detail realism requires and places emphasis on shapes and bold use of colour. view

Nigel Brown

Nigel graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 1971. After reading and extensive research, Nigel starts from an initial concept which he builds on - employing history, literature and politics as devices in his artworks. He also uses words in his paintings, a technique that was heavily influenced by the English poet and painter William Blake. At Elam, McCahon suggested that Nigel contain his text in a border or boundary, a technique he still employs today. Nigel is represented in Auckland by ARTIS Gallery. view

Noah Perelini

Noah is in his first year studying visual arts at Auckland University of Technology. Parnell, King's College. 2016-2018 view

Oriah Rapley

Oriah is a full-time practising artist working in wood, hard stone, bronze and steel. Her work is constantly refined towards the purity of form and she acknowledges freedom of choice and embodiment, using symbols such as the feather, waka and bird to provide subtle layers interwoven around freedom/expression and empowerment/transformation. view

Pam Mossman

Pam is a self-taught multimedia artist and works predominantly in the medium of pottery and acrylic painting, with the occasional foray into flax weaving. Her passion at present is recreating delicate nostalgic ceramic hydrangeas. She is very involved in the local art scene in Whakatane and has lived in Ohope Beach for 30+ years. view

Pamela Howard-Smith

Born in Wanaka, Pamela has spent most of her life living on Waiheke Island and in Auckland. She headed the sculpture department at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design for eight years. Internationally acclaimed, Pamela has always been involved with art in some shape and form. Many of her works can be found in homes and embassies around the world. Much to her delight, Pamela is currently enjoying working with bronze and glass. view

Pamela Wolfe

Pamela’s practice is focused on creating richly textured paintings of flowers over their life cycles, observing the changes that occur from bud to decay. She is represented by ARTIS Gallery, Auckland. view

Peter Hackett

“Being a painter does not depend on a talent born or acquired. Being a painter depends on a willingness to work in the face of uncertainty, to make a career of doing something there may be no reward or recognition for”. St John's House, King's College. 1975-78. view

Peter Miller

Peter is a realist painter, predominately self-taught, and has exhibited regularly over the last 20 years. He is a frequent finalist in national art awards, winning the Molly Morpeth Canaday award in 2014, and has work in both local and international private collections and several in the Wallace Arts Trust Collection. view

Peter Brammer

Peter is a sculptor working with steel in traditional and contemporary methods to construct forms. He is interested in the sublime powerful nature that sculpture can bring with a timeless quality. view

Petra Leary

Petra is an award-winning aerial photographer based in Auckland. Her ability to capture her subjects from unique perspectives is striking and groundbreaking, and she has an innate design sensibility. An intrepid world traveller, she hunts out unusual landscapes, captures them from unforeseen angles such as her signature bird’s eye angle, and manipulates and accentuates colours in post-production to create her final work. Her work is simple yet bold in arrangement and composition. view

Philina den Dulk

Philina is a full-time artist and owner-operator of Art On Tyne in Oamaru. She loves to work with various textures, while exploring the use of visual language. Philina believes that memories from the past or present are all influential and inspirational and are a story she wants to tell. Her Platefuls series takes vintage crockery and adds modern images, invokes nostalgia and breathes freshness into beautiful ceramics. She loves that her creations create memories and invoke conversations. view

Pia Davie

Pia says “I grew up in a creative family: Mum owning a contemporary art gallery and Dad making acoustic guitars. Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago majoring in painting in 2005, I have continued to make and exhibit and became a full-time artist in 2014”. view

Prue MacDougall

Prue’s art practice is full of whimsical narratives that metaphorically reflect her personal experiences using traditional and innovative printmaking techniques. Her hand-printed artworks are held in collections throughout New Zealand and internationally, including the Victoria and Albert Museum collection, London. view

Rachel Murphy

Rachel states, "A deep connection to the land and sea of New Zealand is always at the heart of my work. My desire for us, as custodians of this unique raw beauty, is to not only maintain what we already have and often take for granted, but to return what we can to its natural state". Rachel slip casts in porcelain, colouring the slip and painting this on the inside of the mould - a very complex technique. Once fully fired, she paints enamel skyscapes and gilds in 24 carat gold leaf. view

Rachel Rush

Rachel says, “I love the freedom of mixing up acrylics and stains with resin to create beautiful colours and depths within layers of work. There are no hard rules to follow and I love watching each piece take on its own vibrancy and energy”. view

Rae West

Rae produces striking contemporary abstract paintings. Her works pulse with the kinetic freedom of fluidity and light. She uses multiple veils of pigment, resin and ink, which blend and react against each other creating beautiful forms and textures. The end results are spontaneous, subconscious and sensual. view

Ramon Robertson

Ramon has a BA (Honours) in sculpture from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland and an MA in interior design from Manchester Metropolitan University. His artwork engages with aspects of architecture and urbanisation with an observation on mass production and standardisation. view

Renee Boyd

Renée hand casts her vases and applies glazes which she has designed. She uses the simplicity of the monochromatic glaze palette mixed with hand-drawn dash and dot markings. As a recent finalist in the Portage Ceramic Awards, Renée’s work is gaining attention nationally. view

Reuben Paterson

Reuben is a dynamic artist known for his creations in glitter and diamond dust. The influence of Reuben’s Maori heritage (Ngati Rangitihi) is strong in his earlier works, which focused on kowhaiwhai motifs. Drawing from both his Maori and Scottish ancestry, Reuben also combines traditional pattern and design with non-traditional media. He is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Richard Wedekind

Richard is a sculptor and painter who creates works with an environmental comment. His works are in the collections of Auckland Council, Upper Hutt City and the Wallace Arts Trust. view

Richard Wells

Richard’s artwork captures moments in life revealing movement and emotion. Using traditional techniques and the ancient medium of bronze, they tell human stories in a contemporary context. Richard is the owner of Auckland's Artworks bronze art casting foundry. His works are held in collections in New Zealand and overseas including Te Papa Tongarewa and he is currently working on a 3.5m public sculpture commissioned for Queenstown Gardens. view

Richard Naylor

Richard was trained in ceramics in Japan before moving to New Zealand. He mostly works on the wheel, but also uses handbuilding for larger pieces. He has made dishes for restaurants in Auckland and Paris. His pieces are often classical in form, with distressed or highly textured surfaces. view

Richard Brimer

Richard, a freelance photographer based in the Hawkes Bay, has had three solo shows at the Hastings City Art Gallery and has another in November 2019. He has published or co-published 10 books on the arts and wine industries and he is currently working on a book with Craggy Range winery. view

Robin Scott

Robin creates visually rich and stimulating works often representing New Zealand life and icons. She is inspired by the beauty of nature, from flora and fauna to our beautiful sunsets and beaches. The primary objective is to evoke an emotive response from the viewer. view

Robin Ranga

As a mixed media artist, Robin strives to express and share empathy on humanitarian matters. Finalist Portage Ceramic Awards 2009, 2010 and 2013. 2016 Artist Exchange to Nongyuan International Art Village, Chengdu, China. 2017 Waiclay National Ceramic Awards, Waikato Museum. Small Sculpture Prize (Waiheke) - 2014 merit award and 2019 people's choice award. view

Rose McKellar

Rose is an award-winning artist from Christchurch who creates contemporary feather artworks using NZ feathers. Rose has exhibited at Nelson’s Wearable Arts Gallery, The Powerhouse Gallery in Akaroa, The Aigantighe in Timaru, and Christchurch’s Visually Maori and Whare. She also exhibits at Poi Room and Letham Gallery in Auckland, and Birdswood Gallery in Havelock North. view


“RUSH has evolved from my love of all the amazing street art from around the world – the alleyways of Melbourne, to the surviving slabs of the Berlin Wall and the gritty streets of New York. I was inspired to capture the energy and feeling from the streets, and to put it up on canvas, creating each painting to become a piece of the bigger picture”. view

Sam Paea

Sam is an artist and graffiti writer. His artworks are inspired by mental health, Pacific Island culture and graffiti. His work is bold and asks the viewer to consider his statements in the context of modern Pacific culture. Sam says, "My artwork is like a brick through a shop window". view

Sara Hughes

Sara is a dynamic and highly-regarded artist. She has exhibited in major public galleries in New Zealand and her paintings and installations are held in many important Australasian public and private collections, including the Chartwell Collection at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington and the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Sara is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery. view

Sarah Mauger

Sarah teaches art at an Auckland intermediate school and paints from home creating mixed media art work. Her art is inspired by her background in fashion, makeup artistry, fabric and travel. New York fashion week and labels like Prada and Victoria's Secret inspire her themes for this year. Sarah is an intuitive artist who combines her passion for colour and texture to create her unique art work that is constantly evolving as colours and textures combine. view

Scott Dunster

Scott is an Auckland-based artist who works with glass. His work is currently focused on creating glass versions of obsolete and found objects. "Producing these works in glass has preserved a once disposable item for another generation". view

Sean Beldon

Sean says, “I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and made my first considered painting around the age of sixteen. My subjects are mostly figurative narratives and also landscape art, which I combine with my love of photography." view

Seung Yul Oh

Born in Seoul, Korea Seung Yul Oh moved to New Zealand over 15 years ago and completed an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts. He now divides his time between Auckland and Seoul. In 2010 Oh was invited to take up a residency at the artist-run space GGOOL in Seoul and was the recipient of the 2011 Harriet Friedlander New York Residency Award administered by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand. He is represented in Auckland by Starkwhite. view

Shane Cotton

Shane, ONZM, is a contemporary New Zealand artist born in 1964. Of dual Maori and Pakeha descent, Shane’s work speaks to the contemporary issues of colonisation, cross cultural exchange, identity and spirituality. Shane currently lives and works in Palmerston North. view

Shannon Novak

Shannon creates compositions for objects, locations and people much as musicians might compose for/about places, persons or experiences with emotional resonance for them. His practice encompasses painting, sculpture and installation, with a focus on using geometric forms to render his understanding of the interrelationships between sound, colour, form and time. view

Sharon Duymel

Sharon was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands and moved to New Zealand as a young child. She specialises in portrait and figurative paintings. Initially self-taught, Sharon has since been privately trained and attended workshops and programmes at Browne School of Art. She is mentored by Zarahn Southon. She exhibits her portraits in oils in galleries around New Zealand and does private portrait commissions. ​ view

Siavash Momeny

Siavash immigrated from Iran over twenty years ago. "The sight of recognisable forms wrapped up communicates the idea of moving from place to place - the transient nature of our lives and the mental state associated with this event". The newspaper that masks the everyday objects depicted in Siavash’s paintings often includes political and social messages. Siavash is represented in Auckland by ARTIS Gallery. view

Simon Lewis Wards

Simon is an Auckland-based artist who makes work with a pop kiwiana aesthetic. His work is joyful and humorous, finding its inspiration in nostalgia unique to New Zealand. He works predominately with glass and ceramic using techniques of casting and slip-casting. view

Spid Pye Photographer

Authentic, approachable, down-to-earth, relaxed and professional, Spid has that incredible skill of drawing the viewer into his work through photography design. Spid has recently been selected from thousands of worldwide submissions for the next Lürzer's Archive photographers annual. In the last 12 months he has had two honourable mentions in the LensCulture Art Photography Awards and was a finalist in the Communications Arts Photography Annual. view

Stephen Bailey

Stephen undertook a course in art and design in the north of England, and then gained a degree in ceramics at the University of Sunderland. Since moving to New Zealand in 2005, he has developed his ceramics practice from his Auckland studio where he continues to explore texture and form, informed by travel and the remembrance of place. view

Su McPherson

Su is an Auckland craft artist and has been making peg dolls for the past 15 years. It is her passion for domestic craft, New Zealand and Pacific art and recycling that translates into her doll making. Su’s intention with the dolls is to celebrate New Zealand and Pacific culture. view

Sue Mcfadden

Trio Soy Candles are made from 100% natural soy wax. They are deliciously fragrant and handmade in Warkworth. view

Susan Hurrell Fieldes

Susan is a full-time printmaker. Her education and inspiration come from New York where she works and studies every year. She has exhibited widely in New Zealand and overseas. She works in a number of printmaking techniques, currently mostly using drypoint etching. view

Susan Edge

Susan paints in acrylics in the naive style. Her quirky works are held in collections within New Zealand and overseas. She has held several successful solo exhibitions and enjoys painting commissions. view

Susannah Bridges

Susannah is well known for her work with porcelain and light. Her work has been acquired by several national institutions and she has received national and international awards. As well as producing her signature range of ceramic objects and lighting for the home, Susannah can undertake one-off site specific commissions to create bespoke lighting, objects and tableware. view

Tira Walsh

One of the most exciting painters to emerge from Auckland’s art schools in recent years, Tira has begun to accrue an impressive exhibition history. Recent exhibitions include Sydney Contemporary (2019); debut solo show 'Hustle' at Two Rooms Gallery (2019); Auckland Art Fair artist (2019); and 'Never An Answer' at The Vivian, Matakana, curated by Linda Tyler and Lucinda Bennett (2018). Tira received the Kaipara Wallace Arts Trust Award at the Wallace Art Awards 2019. view

Tom Lusk

Tom says "I've been carving all my life, beginning in the 1980s at Kohupatiki Marae in Hawke's Bay. I have recently returned to working in timber after years primarily carving small pieces in antler and bone. I teach English at King's College and live in Kingsland with my wife and son". view

Trish Clarke

Trish is a Whangarei-based artist who is a regular contributor to major New Zealand outdoor sculpture shows. Her work includes a large public sculpture in Whangarei, pieces held by the Wallace Arts Trust and in private collections. Trish is currently working on an 8 x 8 metre public sculpture in Whangarei which houses a camera obscura. view


Inspired by nature, TWIGG is a collection of work by artist Jamie Brown. Using a variety of mediums and techniques his unique pieces are admired for their simple yet striking presence. view

Veronica Herber

Award-winning artist Veronica (BVA) is based in Auckland and best known for her large-scale tape installations. Her work has featured in Waiheke Sculpture on the Gulf and Sydney Sculpture by the Sea (three years running). Her works on paper are held in major New Zealand collections, including Wallace Arts Trust and the Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. view

Vivian Keenan

Vivian is a self-taught artist working with recycled copper. Her work has its origins in a basket making background. Living and working on Great Barrier Island with that environment influencing her work substantially. She loves the malleability and strength of copper and the variety of ways she can manipulate the finishing surfaces. view

Waiheke Ceramics

Peter Baigent and Kirsten design and make ceramics in their studio on Waiheke Island. Their work reflects the endemic diversity of the natural landscape and the flora and fauna of Aotearoa. They sell their sculptural pieces in galleries and create original dinner sets for top chefs and restaurants. view

Wallflower *

Jane is a flower lover and novice gardener. Recently she and her family moved to the picturesque Waikato town of Cambridge. Relocating, renovating and taming a large, established (or overgrown!) garden has been quite a journey and an education. However the unruly garden became a source of inspiration. The slower pace of life allowed her to develop a deeper appreciation of the wonderful world of plants and flowers. Each season brings a new discovery, and photographing these discoveries became a passion. Suddenly 'Wallflower' was born! view

Wanda Gillespie

Wanda is a New Zealand/Australian contemporary artist based in Auckland. Her wood carved sculptural artefacts seek to make visible the mysterious worlds of the invisible. She completed her BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2003 and MFA at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne in 2009. Wanda has won various awards including the VCA Vulcan Steel Tutorship Award (2009) and the ARTAND Australia Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award, as well as residencies in Paris and Indonesia. view

Wendy Hannah

Wendy is known for her X sculptural artworks. Her new series 'Te Tae' is influenced by the work of Gordon Walters and color field painting. She plays with Escher's idea of the impossible object and the regular division of the plane. view

Wilhelmiina Drummond

Wilhelmiina is predominantly a self-taught ceramic artist based in Hamilton. Born and raised in Finland, she settled in New Zealand in 2011. She favours the ancient Japanese raku firing method due to its characteristic unpredictability and the soft and calm results that rise from the flames and smoke. view

Wilma J Design

Wilma was inspired by the clay following seasonal rains at her childhood home of Curaçao. She moved to New Zealand in 1963. Wilma chose to carve her own path as a potter, producing work in many styles as market forces and opportunities arose. The selection in this exhibition is from her garden and bird series, started fifteen years ago. view

Wolf Habichhorst

Wolf incorporates fun and humour with the inspiration of relationships, rhythms and symmetries of nature and our connection with it. He works with different materials, from metal with patinas to paint and wood and assemblages of discarded objects: Recycle, Reuse, Remake. view

Xianling Zhang

Xianling Zhang has a Bachelor of Arts from Shandong Normal University and a Master's degree from Shandong University of Art and Design. She is a member of the Shandong Artists Association and Shandong Oil Painting Association. Her works have been selected for many art exhibitions and awards, and have been collected by many galleries and individual collectors. view

Xinli Deng

Xinli Deng, surrealist artist, has graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China, Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland and Media Design School, Auckland. He has held solo exhibitions in China, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong, and participated in international art fairs in many countries. view

Yi Liu

Yi Liu likes to use old methods to draw new paintings. His works are inspired by fragments of time and record the state of his life. Each small square represents its own memory, so that the impact of small colour blocks brings different visual shocks to the viewer. view

Yi Xie

Yi Xie, spiritual artist, has graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. She has had seven solo exhibitions in New Zealand, Singapore and China, including "Contemporary Chinese Spirit" at OrexArt, Auckland in 2018. Her work "Mountain Road" was featured in "Art of the Week" by the New Zealand Herald. view

YuKe Dong

YuKe is a former oil painting teacher. She left China in 1989 after graduating and began teaching art around the world before settling down in New Zealand. She grows plants of various kinds in her spare time, which provide inspiration for her ceramic art. view